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Publishing & Management

Authors need someone with experience on their side during publication for advice about the business side of writing.

There are so many avenues that authors can take when it comes to publishing. For some, the whole process is more than they want to take on. They want to hand the book off to a publisher to independently publisher, however, how can they be sure the publisher will produce a quality product, especially when the author is new to the process. For these authors, Acorn offers Full-Service packages with a variety of options.

Do you have a daughter who happens to be a whiz with graphic design? You can pick a package where you supply the cover. Or maybe you want to tackle the layout yourself.

But there is no need to worry that Acorn Book Services will sit back and let you make a mistake in the production of your book. We will be there by your side, advising, directing, and holding your hand the whole way ... because if you look bad, we look bad.

For information about any of Acorn Book Services' packages, contact us. We will discuss your needs and, together, come up with how best to meet your publishing needs.

A publishing coach or manager understands what can seem like a foreign world to a new author. What is an ISBN? What goes into a media kit? How do I set up book signing events? Do I need to have a book launch party?

As your coach, Acorn Book Services can answer questions and advise you every step of the way, via e-mail, phone call, or even personal meeting, if possible, while you go through the process of publishing your book.

Or, if the publishing process is something that you want to keep at arms length, Acorn Book Service’s management services may be better suited for you. As your manager, not only do we offer advice, but we do the work for you – from dealing with the printer to making sure your books are listed where they are supposed to be. Based on the package you select, you pick how much you want us to manage. It all depends on you and you strengths and weaknesses.

Ask us about which is best for you.

* Coaching: $400 for 10 hours of coaching.
* Consulting: Ask for a Quote

* Unless arrangements are made upon contracting for Coaching and Consulting, this service is provided via emails and telephone calls. There is an additional charge made to cover travel expenses for in-person meetings.

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