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Today's high-tech world makes it tempting for authors to design the interior of their books on their own. Word processing programs enable authors to type, number pages, insert headers and footers, and stylize fonts without professional help. Going this route may produce a book, but not necessarily a marketable one.

Typography, typesetting, book layout design, or whatever you may call it, contributes to its overall impression to booksellers and readers. There are many more fonts to choose from than simply Times New Roman or Courier, but not all of them were created for body text. If the margins are too narrow, then the pages will look crowded. Does your book include pictures, diagrams, or illustrations? Placement within the text can be a delicate operation.

Acorn Book Services will give your book a profession look that will include margins, gutters, chapter starts, headers, footers, table of contents, and all the professional ingredients that make up a high quality book.

The prices listed below are starting prices. Please contact us for a more specific price quote for your project. Proofreading is included in cost for Interior Layout Design

Basic Book Layout
FOR BASIC NOVELS that do not contain anything other than what is found in a typical novel. No tables, charts, images (other than an author photo or publisher's logo), blockquotes, lists, subheadings, poetry, footnotes, etc.
Formatting for E-Book version included in this price.
    Price: $400 (Proofreading and e-book version included)

Standard Book Layout
For books that contain any block quotes, poetry, single-level lists, single-level chapter subheadings, a few footnotes or endnotes, or a small number of images (that do not require text wrap). No tables, charts, graphs, pull quotes, text boxes or other elements that require more advanced formatting.
    Price: $600 (Proofreading included. E-Book version not included)

Advanced Book Layout
For books that contain a large number of images or images that require text-wrap, a large number of footnotes or endnotes, multi-level lists, multi-level chapter subheadings, tables, graphs, charts, pull quotes, textboxes, etc.
    Price: $850 (Proofreading included. E-version not included)

Cover Design

Todd Aune, of, is Acorn Book Services cover designer. he has designed the covers for Lauren Carr's Mac Faraday Mysteries, and is also Cover Art Designer for Books in Motion.  If you need help with your next book cover, feel free to contact Todd for help or suggestions.

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