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As the creator of your work, there comes a point where your eyes see what is supposed to be on the page, not what is really there. Serious writers hire an editor or proofreader to polish their work of art to make it shine and error free.

Editorial Review
Is your book ready for reviewers? Are there holes in the plot? Did you leave any loose ends? Do the characters ring true? How thorough was your research? An editorial review by a professional can save you from embarrassment after your book is published.

An editorial review is an analysis of your manuscript. After reading your book, we will compose a detailed report on its plot, character development, writing style, and the overall project. The report will include an assessment of the project's potential success in today's literary marketplace. We will look for common mistakes made by new writers and make suggestions on how to fix them. We recommend taking advantage of an editorial review before the editing process.

Based on Word Count:
    Up to 120,000 words:       $250
    120,001-150,000 words:   $400
    150,001-200,000 words:   $550
    200,001 words and beyond Request Estimate

Sorry, but the prices for editorial reviews also apply to short stories and partial or unfinished works.

Note: An editorial review is not a guarantee that Acorn Book Services will make an offer to work with an author or publish his/her book.

Note: Book or stories submitted in hardcopy will not be mailed back to the author. If your book is only in hard copy, do not submit it to Acorn Book Services for an editorial review. It will not be returned to you.


We seek clarity and consistency in each sentence. Run-on sentences and passages will be broken down and rewritten. We pay attention to the small details: grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, passive voice, word choice, spelling, consistency of style, clarity, etc.


Proofreading is the final step in the publishing process. Often included in the price for a layout design, we will focus on details that may have been missed in the editing stages, such as spelling, punctuation, spacing and layout to make your book as perfect as it can be.

Various types of editing are available based on the depth of wordsmithing you need. For that reason, we suggest contacting us for an estimate.

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